About this site


This site was designed to be an interactive education resource for everyone with an interest in intellectual disability mental health. The site has been divided into specific sections to cater to health professionals, disability professionals, consumers, and families/carers.

The site may also be useful for students and other professionals who want to learn more about intellectual disability and mental health.

How this site was developed

This site has been developed collaboratively, and was funded by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services (Ageing, Disability and Home Care), the NSW Ministry of Health (Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Office), and the Health Education and Training Institute.

This e-learning grew out of a series of workshops run by 3DN. Many mental health staff attended the workshops, but many more were unable to attend. A more sustainable format was called for, and the idea was born to create an online version, making the material accessible across Australia, to anyone at any time.

The content of the modules was developed by a team of professionals with clinical, project and research experience and representing the health, welfare and disability sectors. People with an intellectual disability also had a role in developing content for the site, as you will see when you progress through the modules.


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